WEAREONEgalan 2017 – probably Europe’s largest charity event!
Friends Arena January 21

It will be an evening with people, aid organizations and artists from around the world. The goal of the gala is to show that we all belong together, no matter what. Furthermore, the creation of cooperation between aid organizations and to collect funds to be shared equally between the participating aid organizations.

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Among this year’s participants profiles we see among others Nassif Zeytoun, Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo, Will Poulter, Albin, the Nano, the Sanctuary and High15.

The hosts of the evening’s are Putte Nelsson and Annamia Fast

Profiles and artists will be added regularly up to the big gala.

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Do you also want to be involved?
Use Swish and send your contribution to 123 319 91 89
or use bank giro 371-4888

For the benefit of the participating aid organizations BRIS, CharityFit, Global Gift Foundation, Life of Service, Spread Light, Sri Lanka Association and World Aid Active

Gala Program

17.00  Dinner from Operakällaren

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17.30 Pre Party and Meet & Greet

19.30 Gala from the scene aid organizations inspires to action. Together with international and Swedish artists.

World Aid Active and Friends Arena presents


We have received very positive reactions from artists and others who want to participate and engage on the issue of exclusion and social vulnerability. We look forward to a fantastic gala with a wide range of artists who contribute by singing or talking, says Annamia Fast, events manager at World Aid Active.

#WEAREONEgalan December 7 at the Friends Arena was the first gala of its kind where eight organizations with common value cooperated to reduce exclusion and social vulnerability. Together, the organizations wanted to encourage, inspire and show that it is possible to make a difference. Now it’s time again!

After last year’s great success, where the award-winning Multi social entrepreneur Michel Issa for the first time united the various aid organizations and people from different parts of the world in one place, he does it again.

Participating aid organizations are the promoter Michel Issa’s World Aid Active with BRIS, Life of Service, CharityFit, Spread Light, Sri Lanka Association and Global Gift Foundation with the Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo in the lead.


Will Poulter, the actor from among other Narnia Prince Caspian and The Revenent visits #WEAREONEgalan and says “This is a Very Important events, we need to remember That we are all one and I can not wait to come along and support this amazing cause”


Last year’s aid organizations were Afrikagrupperna, CharityFit, Human Bridge, Life f Service, Interpeace, Teskedsordern, Trygga Barnen och World Aid Active.

Participating organizations

The Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization that aims to create a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families who are in need. We help meet basic needs in the lives of vulnerable groups by creating campaigns, partnerships with major brands and ambassadors and beneficiary institutions and institutions that allow an impact of social transformation.

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CharityFit is a values-building health concepts, a nonprofit organization that motivates and trains children and young people for good health, teach them to see their own potential and show that they have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. The versatile and playful exercise in a challenging and fun way we give children and youth a chance to support smaller charities.

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World Aid Active

World Aid Active is an organization that today consists of hundreds of enthusiasts who actively work to show that everyone can contribute and that we all belong together. WAA makes operational initiatives in place for our vulnerable fellow citizens. Among other things, the organization has built a nursing home in India in cooperation with other aid organizations. WAA supports vulnerable people fleeing the moment mainly in Syria and Lebanon.

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Sri Lanka Association

Sri Lanka Association is a Sri Lankan association in Sweden founded in 1993. During more than 20 years, the association gathered Sri Lankans in Sweden and provided financial support to social projects in Sri Lanka. For example, victims affected by floods, the 2004 tsunami and the water supply in dry areas. The next project is to help the disabled in the country.

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Life of Service

A helping and supporting charity organization for vulnerable families and children. Life of Service has been around and worked for 20 years, both in Sweden and abroad. Efforts are directed mainly to the poor and sick in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and India. Life of Service not only provides practical help but also support through by visiting families affected by difficult situations in life, they are given a spiritual support, and they learn a form of resilience, which means that they learn to deal with situations that are crisislike.

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The goal of Bris is to strengthen children and young people’s rights and improve their living conditions. Bris shall assist children and young people in vulnerable situations and establish opportunities for children and young people to dialogue with adults.

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Spread Light

Spread Light works with helping refugees, both onsite in the Middle East but also in Sweden. We also help the elderly, children and others in vulnerable situations in Brazil, India, Israel, Turkey and Lebanon. In Sweden, we help women in Stockholm who live in isolation. It is partly about new arrivals who fled to Sweden, and also about women who have been subjected to various abuses and now living in different shelters.

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Artists and Profiles

Nassif Zeytoun

Albin Johnsén 

Robin Bengtsson

Jasmine Kara 

Lisa Ajax




Ben Mitkus

Art Nation